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    Calderon Law Firm, Immigration Law
    Immigration Lawyer

    CONTACT Immigration Lawyer Calderon
    Locations: Brooklyn, NY, Queens

    Tele: (347) 384-2347

    CONSULTATION: Legal Consultations are provided by email, telephone, or an office visit. You may call or email for an appointment with an attorney. The Legal Consultation fee will be applied to any legal work that follows the Consultation. Please clearly state your immigration question.

    • We cannot provide legal advice on specific situations without an attorney-client relationship through a Legal Consultation.

    • Your case specific questions sent to this office by email or telephone will not be answered until you establish an attorney-client relationship. To do so would violate legal ethics and the law.

    DISCLAIMER: CALDERON LAW FIRM provides legal information in an attorney-client relationship only.
    Information provided on this Web Site requires an attorney consultant for interpretation for your individual case.


    "I followed your advice on Thursday and managed to get into the country with no problem at all. As you predicted, the man at immigration didn't ask any of the questions I was so worried about. Thank you!" Natasha

    "Thank you for helping us through the Green Card process. In spite of hearing all kinds of stories and reading about others nightmares, I could not have imagined that ours would go so smoothly. You were very precise and clear and communicated with us every step of the way. Thank you." Rajeev S.

    "Thank you for assisting our company to bring in foreign workers. You have made the process simple and clear and worked well with our HR department. We will turn to your firm when we need legal assistance." Carolyn J., HR Manager

    "Our company has decided to use only one law firm for our immigration work, Calderon Law Firm, because you communicate well with our HR Department and you are efficient with processing our H-1Bs." Charlene A., Director HR Department